Fried Crispy Fish – Fish Items


This is a crispy fish dish which tastes adorable.To prepare this dish first of all you just need to have 1 kgs of sliced fish as per your need.Coat the sliced pieces of fish with the seasoned flour mix.For seasoning,take some flour,salt and pepper. Whisk an egg and dip the floured fish in it.

Deep fry the fish for almost for 4-5 minutes.After the sliced pieces of fish are fried properly serve it with some pieces of lemon,tomatoes and veggies. If you want some amazing flavours sprinkle some spices(masala) on it. And your yummy dish is ready.

The ingredients that you need to prepare this dish are:
Sliced Fish- 1 kgs
Egg -1
Flour – 3-4 Tbsp
oil – acc per your availability
some spices
tomatoes , lemon , veggies

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